Governor Campaign Uses Stock Images to Try and Attract Black Voters

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, currently up for re-election, and his staff have been called out for photoshopping the stock image of a black woman in their campaign picture.

Governor Corbett has been known for his struggles to gain minority support throughout his campaign both now and in the past.Through investigation by Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski, Corbett’s campaign members admit that “the whole website footer graphic is a work of Photoshop…the graphic has both stock photos and actual photos in it..”

There was another incident last year in which he apologized for a comment made to editors of a newspaper called Al Dia over the fact that he didn’t have any Latino members in his cabinet, saying that “if you can find us one, please let us know”.

Corbett is current battling in a campaign for re-election against Democrat Tom Wolf. While many turn to criticize Corbett and staff for trying to pass the image off as authentic, the Governor and his campaign move to defend themselves and bring Wolf’s character in to question:

“Governor Corbett has a strong record of inclusion, while our opponent, Tom Wolf, was even criticized by members of his own party for his ties serving as the campaign chairman to an admitted racist arrested for murder and for handing out ammunition at a race riot.” (source: Buzzfeed)

Opinion: Race and Politics

No one likes to be made a fool of. While the background of the photo is clearly a photoshopped crowd, those standing near to the Governor are the focus of the image.The internet was quick to dissect the photo and the fact that the buzz is surrounding the Black woman photoshopped in creates a media stir and raises racial issues all at once.

In a reactionary post on the blog Tea & Breakfast, the staff writes “You’d think by now that republicans would realize that they need to do a better job of connecting with the black voter, or at minimum, they’d pay someone to take a picture!”

This relates to the image of Republicans in the public eye as a whole and the questions of inclusion which are raised time and again. Just because it’s 2014 does not mean that discrimination and racial exclusion are things of the past– it just means that people find new ways to hide it.

On Twitter, Corbett is known by the hastag #onetermtom which signifies an already brewing dislike for the governor. Many are displeased with how he has handled issues of education and women’s rights during his governorship.This ad only adds more fuel to the fire.

What Do You Think…

Do you think that the Governor can turn his campaign around or is the damage too extensive? What are your personal opinions on this issue?


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