Teacher Suing School Board After Being Fired for Nude Selfies

Lakeisha Jones, a business teacher at Myers Middle School in Georgia, thought it strange when students she sent for a pair of scissors took to long to come back.The reason for the student not returning?The girls discovered a number of nude selfies on the teacher’s phone which was left in the room. The drama didn’t end with the girls being caught by their teacher, rather it escalated after the student used copies of the photos to text to friends and spread through social media reports Savannah Now.

The school board reacted by terminating Jones for “being irresponsible with her phone, for not properly handling or reporting the incident, and for insubordination,” reports Savannah Now.

The teacher is suing Georgia’s Savannah-Chatham school board and the students involved in leaking the photos after claiming she was wrongly fired. “I’m grown. Whatever is in my phone is my business. There is nothing in the policy about what you can or cannot have in your phone,” she stated to Savannah Now.

Opinion: Privacy and  Social Media

In recent months, news of photos being leaked of celebrities have been all the buzz. A number of people came out of the woodwork to defend these public figures and their rights to privacy? But what about when it’s an everyday citizen? Everyone has a write to privacy and to take whatever photos they please, a problem only arises once another party has violated that human right. Jones’ position as a teacher is a precarious one in this situation because it isn’t just her reputation, but that of the school as well. However, it was not her decision to have these photos revealed to the public and she has the right to sue under common law invasion of privacy torts.

What do you think?

Should Jones’ position as a teacher cost her the right to her privacy? Or is the school board being unfair in their decision to fire her? Is it her own fault for leaving the phone unattended?


2 thoughts on “Teacher Suing School Board After Being Fired for Nude Selfies

  1. I don’t think she should be fired, no. She was not being irresponsible, those kids are at fault. I can’t imagine wanting to remain in the district, but she shouldn’t be fired.


  2. Show me the board member who has not left his or her phone unattended before. Show me the board member that does not have information or pictures on their phone that they would consider private. This teacher was the victim of breaking and entering. She was the victim. The board is simply ignorant.


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