Active Petition: Plus-Sizes Clothing Up-charged at Old Navy

A petition created by Renee Posey has gained thousands of signatures against Old Navy, claiming that the store has been purposely charging more for their Women’s plus-sized clothing.

Renee notes that while charging more for plus-sized clothing in general is a common practice, the jump in price at Old Navy only effects the Women’s plus-size clothing, but not the Men’s plus-sizes.

“Every woman knows how hard it is to find a good pair of jeans:  a pair that is the right fit at the right price. That’s why I was shocked when, during a recent visit to Old Navy’s website, I noticed that they were charging $12-$15 more for plus-sized womens jeans — but not upcharging jeans for “big” men. If they are charging plus-sized women more to cover the cost of the fabric being used, then why aren’t they doing the same for men?

I was fine paying the extra money as a plus-sized woman, because, you know, more fabric equals higher cost of manufacture. However, selling jeans to larger-sized men at the same cost as they sell to smaller men not only negates the cost of manufacture argument, but indicates that Old Navy is participating in both sexism and sizeism, directed only at women.” ( Petition)

Old Navy is owned by Gap Inc. who has been criticized once before this year for their choice in models that had many calling the company out for body-shaming. Discrimination can take many forms and body shaming has been a hot topic of discussion this year. It has yet to be seen if Old Navy or Gap Inc. will make any statements regarding the petition’s claim.

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