UPDATE: FSU Shooter Suspect Identified

The Florida State University gunman, who shot and wounded 3 students in a library, is reportedly an alumnus from the university and attorney. According to ABC, the shooter’s name is Myron May, who also graduated from Texas Tech University’s law school. The official requested anonymity because he was not authorized to release the name.

According to the Associated Press, May lived in the guest room belonging to Abigail Taunton, who runs a foster home in the Florida Panhandle. Those that knew May said they were shocked.

“We’re just all astounded. We had no idea that he would do something like this. Obviously, he was not in his right mind. He was a well-liked, real smart. He was having some financial issues and moved back home and decided he’d come back to Florida to work. My heart’s broken. In a million years I wouldn’t have thought he’d do something like this. He was struggling, having decided that what he was doing out there was not good. He had some issues and just decided he’d come home. He was struggling, like we all do, financially and otherwise.”

May’s Facebook page is filled with biblical quotes, the last one written on November 18th a 7:57 pm. The motive is still unclear at this point.

On Campus

Less than 24 hours after the shooting, students at FSU gathered at the Strozier Library foraccording to the Tallhassee Democrat. Classes were canceled the day after the attack but the school is open for those seeking counseling.

Feature Photo

Initial Post: “Three Students Shot at FSU Library, Gunman Killed by Police


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